Kaveri River - the lifeline of Bangalore


Kaveri dubbed as the The ‘Ganga of South India’, is the fourth-largest river in south India. Originating in the Western Ghats at Talakaveri in Karnataka’s Kodagu district. From antiquity to the present era, the river has been the lifeline of the ancient kingdoms and cities of south India. Because of the river’s bountiful nature, the Cauvery delta was considered to be one of the most fertile regions in India till recently. The river’s total length, from source to mouth, is 802 kilometers.

In the present situation, only a good monsoon with a copious amount of rainfall can help all the concerned parties. It is high time that everyone realizes the responsibility of using water judiciously, stop polluting water, and taking all possible efforts to increase the groundwater table.

Effective water management is the need of the hour. Maybe then, the Cauvery will be bountiful again one day.                  

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