Kolkata - City of Joy


The city, known by many names and colored in many hues, binds people from different ethnicities in one soul. It is a city to be felt, heard and smelled as much as it is to be seen. Maybe that is why it is also called The City of Joy. Here the heart rules the head. 

From its incredible cuisine to numerous mind-blowing cultural festivals, honking traffic jams, marvelous temples, monuments, cathedrals, museums, amusing parks, blissful romantic and tourist spots, sandy beaches and entertainment options for all ages, Kolkata holds a special class of richness. The city is a timeless treasure trove of artists and writers. If you see a poet working hard to make his first masterpiece, don’t be surprised – the poet is a profession that still exists in this city.

Based in Bangalore,

I wander about on my motorcycle, and welcome bribes in the form of good food.

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