Screaming Eagle | Bajaj avenger 220 - My partner in crime

Screaming Eagle | Bajaj avenger 220 - My partner in crime

Say Hi to Screaming Eagle. A 2014 Avenger 220, a beast on the roads. Accompanying me accross Karnataka since 2014. This weekend both the bike and me, tired of our daily commute through the Bangalore traffic, decided to go on a short ride off to Kolar. I had chanced upon an abandoned quarry while surfing the web, so we decided to check that out this Saturday.

There is a saying about motorcycles: "No matter how bad your day is, Your bike will always make you feel better. "

This has been true for every bad day at work with this machine. Just start the engine and zoom away. The screaming eagle has been a constant pillar of strength for me throughout the high and lows of my life at Bangalore.
Thanks Dad, for enabling me with such a machine and the freedom along with it.

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