Day Trip to Bheemeshwari & Mekedatu Sangam - A short video.

Bheemeshwari, about 100 km away from Bangalore, is an ideal day trip for the weekend. Add Makedettu Sangam to your itinerary to enjoy a splendid drive and some boating! This is a perfect place for a nature lover. Rest along the river and enjoy the flow. Read more We relaxed for a while at the banks of the river. Hiking along the bank to rest our bums away from all the chaos of the locals, who had gathered to enjoy their Sunday afternoon. We sat down for a while discussing the road till here, and we were left spellbound after entering the Cauvery National Park. Listening to Jagjit Singh in the background, we were lost in the tranquility of the river. Sangam, this place was full of people and their various activities. many people were taking bath, women washing and drying their clothes. kids splashing and swimming. Others were enjoying the coracle ride. Various groups settled down under the shade of trees, mats spread, making fire, preparing food, booming laughter, echoing voices, the mirth, the jest filled the air with soothing warmth, and the ripples of Cauvery nestled close to the boulders to whisper the sweet cooing symphony of everlasting togetherness. After spending a few hours at Sangam, we decided to return from our day out alongside the banks of Cauvery. It was a day full of myriad shades, moods, and emotions. The quiet moments on the secluded bank, in the company of silently flowing Cauvery, tall trees, the distant jungle, and the azure sky filled my heart with peace and serenity. It appeared to give a message of living every season, taking the time as it comes, tasting all the flavors with a resigned equanimity to all outside influences yet moving on. And then there were people engaged in various kinds of activities– cooking, eating, playing, resting, gossiping, and performing rituals. Irrespective of the nature of one’s engagement, alone or in groups, the continuous murmuring of water, the placid rhythmical flow of the river provides assurance to everyone.

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