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Hesaraghatta Lake and surrounding Avalahalli Forest - quick getaway from Bangalore. I had heard a lot about Hesaraghatta grasslands which is close to the Bangalore, and a perfect destination for a lazy Saturday or Sunday drive. . The point of a long drive is to get away from the noise of the city. Ironically the noise of the city also moves out with these people. Nandi Hills or Ramnagar are not the options on a weekend morning. There are quite a many offbeat locations near Bangalore. Also the drive to such locations is very relaxing. Hesaraghatta Lake is one of them.


One weekend while we were headed to Dandiganahalli dam, another picnic spot nearby Chickballapur, we were not allowed to enter the dam. I think this was due to the Covid guidelines, but there is a check post at the entrance. And they are not allowing tourists to enter right now. We decided to head off to Hesaraghatta rather, hoping to find some water body. The drive from Nandi hills to Hesaraghatta is very scenic, amidst the countryside, dotted by forests and trees on the sides. The drive is scenic, and so close to Bangalore.



Trip Information - 

Trip distance - 40kms from Bangalore

Route - We took route from Chickballapur. To enjoy some more of the road.


Brief about the place:

Hesaraghatta Grassland: Hesaraghatta is the last remaining grassland around Bangalore which stretches around 300 acres. Surrounded by Film and Art schools its one of the commonplace used by filmmakers to shoot the beautiful scenes for their film, this is where you can find your creative side. Bird lovers and photographers often visit this place as its a habitat for many species of birds.
Hesaraghatta Lake: Freshwater lake constructed back in 1894 across Arkavathy River to meet the drinking water needs of the city. This is a huge lake that covers an area of more than 1000 acres. Nowadays, seems to running dry. Atleast while both of our visits. Would com back during monsoons again once. This place is popular among bird watchers and a perfect destination for the cyclists.



Conservation of the grasslands 

Revellers who go to the grassland at Hesaraghatta usually end up strewing beer bottles and whatnot, ruining it

Witnessing a fierce battle for its survival in the recent past, Hesaraghatta — supposedly the last surviving grassland of Bengaluru — is fighting yet another battle. While developmental projects jeopardised its fragile ecosystem all these days, now it is the youngsters who are using this grassland as an activity park and disturbing the fragile ecological balance of this area.


There is no bad time to go to the Grasslands, It’s a round-the-year kind of place. Although, best time to visit is Monsoon. This is one of the peaceful places you can find so close to the city. The drive to the location will be amazing. Spend some time exploring all side of the grassland, its larger than life. Walk around, spend some time with nature here. If you wish to sit and eat or drink there, feel free it will be beautiful. Just make sure you do not toss your trash there. It is a hot spot for birds and you do not want you ruin what is left of nature. Respect nature and cherish what is offers.




Important Notes:
1. You can also visit Nrityagram Dance Village, it's a small setup behind the grassland. This place is a piece of art, from vintage cars to rare flowers they got some really nice things you can check out.
2. If you planning for a day out at Hesaraghatta grassland then just go ahead with it, bring your own food and water. Make sure you don't litter the place.
3. Hesaraghatta is a very popular destination for cycling enthusiasts as well.
4. Though you can visit this place around the year, the best time would be in monsoon and post-monsoon.

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