Rajasthan is famous for the world-famous forts, grand Havelis, temples, and palaces. Most of these forts and Palaces of Rajasthan are already listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because the unbelievable royal masterpieces cannot be found in any other location, which is easily visible in these forts. I always wondered how it would feel to live back in those days, with the large courtyards full of life, soldiers standing guard at the fort walls. 

For this, you need to visit these forts in Rajasthan and you can feel the royal heritage like large courtyards, carved sandstone drills and artworks on the wall, large walls on the hills, corridors and lots of balconies decorated with fountains, triple gateways, golden artwork on the ceiling, royal furniture used by Maharajas and many more.

Rajasthan means the land of royals and is famous for its colorful people, rare flora and fauna, delicious cuisine, vibrant festivities, and glimpses of Indian heritage. When you plan your itinerary to Rajasthan, you can feel the warmth of its hospitality, some of the finest ancient architecture, and colors of life. Exploring Rajasthan is a thrilling experience, and you can feel the uncanny significance of royal families in these forts. The largest wonder city is still waiting for you, and you do not read the history here because you can see through the historical facts by visiting these large forts in Rajasthan.

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