Yet another impromptu plan, yet another road trip. Living in Bangalore is bliss!!! Apart from the almost year round nice weather, it is surrounded by a number of destinations for a one day trip. A quick getaway is always the best refresher for me.  Last Saturday (mid Feb), we decided to head out to Sangam suddenly on Friday night. And also we had to get some refunds back from Zoomcar for ages. 

Destination: Sangam 

Just under 100kms from Bangalore, this a quick getaway into the lap of nature amidst mountains, rocks, and rivers. It is a perfect day trip from Bangalore if you are looking for a destination that is not touristy and not very far away.

The Zoomcar arrived around 30 mins later as planned, well that was expected though. By the time we started from home, the traffic had picked up and we spent almost 1.5 hours reaching the Kanakapura exit on the NICE expressway. TIP: Try leaving before 8 to avoid traffic. By this time we were pretty hungry and we were looking for a place to have breakfast. Around  20 mins from the exit, there's a good restaurant - Grand Desi Paratha, quite similar to the Indian Paratha Company on the Hyderabad highway. The decor was also quite similar. We enjoyed a variety of hot and delicious stuffed parathas and a refreshing cup of tea and headed out for Chunchi Falls, just short of Sangam. 

Sangam is south of Kanakapura, off the Bangalore - Kanakapura - Mysore highway. The highway is under up-gradation to a four lane highway and parts are still in construction, though the condition has improved for quite a stretch. Just after Kanakpura, exit left from the highway, Google Maps is quite accurate throughout up to Chunchi Falls and Sangam, so no worries.  

Chunchi Falls

Chunchi Falls is a waterfall on the banks of the River Arkavati and is named after a tribal couple Chuncha and Chunchi. Tucked in the middle of rocky terrain and deciduous forest the waterfall is quite popular for picnicking. The drive to the falls is through green surroundings which puts your mind to ease.

Even though I have visited Sangam a couple of times, I always skipped the Chunchi Falls, I do regret it after experiencing what lay ahead.

There's a parking charge of 30 Rs at the falls. From the parking, it's a short hike to the waterfall. We reached the falls around Noon, and the sun was on top of us. Luckily we had cloud cover over us and it was slightly cooler. Do remember to carry water along, it can get quite dry, and better to be hydrated. I always try to carry my water bottle along, this reduces waste and also dependency on packaged bottles. Sadly throughout the path full of plastic waste. Kindly don’t litter!! 

On your way to the waterfall, you will also find a watchtower to devour in a 360-degree view of the entire rocky terrain peppered with trees adding a bit of greenery. You can also hear the river flowing by along with the calmness of the nearby forest. 


Once at the falls, you can descend to its plunge pool to soak your feet in the cool water and refresh yourselves. We skipped it though as the hike seemed too much effort for our lazy asses, and also the guides ask for 250-300 per person, and you are not allowed to go alone.

Once back from the trek, a sip of "Nimbu Paani" is definitely soothing. There are a few small shacks located along the path, serving various refreshments.

Some things to note

  1. Visiting Chunchi falls would need one to walk for around half a kilometer. Pick shoes, cap, and carry water along for a comfortable hike.
  2. There are so many food stalls in the entire stretch so you need not carry anything in hand, but please don't litter!
  3. There is no restaurant near the waterfalls for breakfast or lunch. The nearest place for lunch is Sangam.
  4. Drinking is strictly prohibited.
  5. You will need a guide to go near the waterfalls. It would cost you 300 per head (100 per head for bigger groups).
  6. You can take bath under the falls if you have opted for the guided trek, otherwise, there is no provision to get into the water.
  7. Avoid staying late in the evening or night as you might end up calling for unnecessary troubles.

From Chunchi Falls, we were off to Sangam, where we planned to chill and have lunch. Sangam is inside the Cauvery National Park and you will need to make an entry at the Forest Checkpost.


Sangam is a place where 2 rivers, Kaveri and Akravati meet. It is breathtaking to see the 2 rivers meet. During summertime, this waste area is only knee deep water and can be crossed very easily. While during and after monsoon, there is lots of water and it becomes dangerous to go inside.
You will also see sign boards with danger marked. Also you will see sign board, warning you about crocodiles. Yes, this area also has danger from crocodiles. During Feb the water levels are pretty low, and you can enjoy walking over the rocks with occasional dips into the water. The river is not much rapid, so you can relax by the banks or on some rocks, dipping your feet leisurely in the river. 

Enjoy some of the views from Sangam.


Try to walk away a bit from the parking area, this part of Sangam is often crowded and full of activities like cooking, bathing and even washing clothes in the river. We headed away from the parking side, jumping over the rocks of the river bed, wading through shallow water, to a point that was totally empty and over the flowing water. 

You can also head out to Bheemeshwari from the Sangam, to explore the Cauvery National Park and some great sights of the Kaveri River. 

Check out my last visit to Bheemeshwari and Sangam, and relax with Mother Nature.

Some things to note

  1. The riverside is rocky and the currents can get strong at places. Be careful.
  2. To avoid the crowd walk along the river away from the main entry side, to find some great spots along the bank, and relax on the rocks.
  3. After the monsoon, you will need to take a coracle ride to cross the river to the other side.
  4. There are several shops nearby and also the Mekedatu KSTDC Restaurant, for lunch or to refresh.
  5. Drinking is strictly prohibited.
  6. Avoid staying late in the evening or night as you might end up calling for unnecessary trouble.

If you are looking for a one day trip to relax and get away from Bangalore, I really suggest bookmarking this place.


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