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Place: Gudibande Fort Trek.
Distance: 100kms.
Directions: Bengaluru – Devenahalli – Chikbalapur – Gudibande

After a long time was a co-driver throughout the drive. It’s fun when others start to learn driving and I get to just relax, seep in the experience and also boss others. A meet up was due with a bunch of friends, so we decided to make it a short trip rather with some breakfast and a hike to Gudibande fort.

We took a couple of cars from Drivezy (well everyone wanted to drive!). We started at around 7.45 (original plan was at 7). We planned to have breakfast just outside the city at Indian Paratha Company, yummy parathas to the start the day with. The plan was to let the newbies gain experience behind the wheel and I chill throughout with the GoPro. We reached Gudibande by around 10.


Some 40-50kms after crossing Chikbalapur, there is a left turn from the Bangalore – Hyderabad highway. This road takes you through some beautiful countryside of Karnataka. The roads are beautiful with the trees alongside and farms in the backdrop. Small hills and boulders dot the landscape in the distant. And then, just at the entrance to Gudibande is the Bhairasagara lake.

The unique thing about this lake is the shape of the lake, like the map of India.


Take a break in your journey to enjoy the sight of birds taking dips in the lake. It was so windy that day that there were waves on the water. There is a temple under construction and with a spot to sit by the lake. We spent a while there, playing with water, birds flying around and clouds passing by on the top.


Gudibande fort


The Gudibande fort is just 3 km from the lake. The turn towards the fort is a very small alley, that can be easily missed, so have an eye out. The fort can be seen in the background from anywhere in the town. The climb is some 1000 stairs and ideally would take somewhere around 45 minutes to the top. It promises a short trekking experience. And the view from the top is worth all the sweat and effort. One can see the entire town of Gudibande and capture it in one frame.

The fort, which is small compared to other forts in Karnataka, was inspired by the Madhugiri fortress. It is a multi-level edifice that was built about 400 years ago, in the 17th century, by Byre Gowda, a local chieftain of Gudibande who ruled the place for only three years.

Enjoying the cool breeze at the top, we rested for a while and then began the descent. It took us around 20 minutes to come down.

Did you know? Bangalore is surrounded by many such beautiful forts. I tried collating the Navadurgas or Nine forts of Bangalore here - Impressive Forts in and around Bangalore | Day trips from Bangalore. Each with it's own charm and history.


Travel tips

  • Carry plenty of water. One bottle per person is mandatory because the flight of stairs is not fancy. It will drain your energy very soon. And there is nothing in the vicinity.
  • Start early in the morning in order to avoid the scorching heat of the afternoon sun.
  • Wear comfortable clothes like track pants or jeans so that walking is feasible. Avoid skirts and maxis (sarees too).
  • This comes without saying that you need to have proper shoes.
  • Shades and cap should also find a place in your bag
  • Don’t litter. Take back whatever waste you produce.


Overall, it was a good experience- a one-day adventure trip.

Piece of advice: Plan the trek on a Saturday so that you can relax on Sunday.

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