Ganesh Pol (gate), Amer fort

Ganesh Pol (gate), Amer fort


This gate of Amer Fort is a royal mix of Mughal and Rajput architectural styles.

While taking a tour of Amer Fort, you will notice a few windows on the top of this gate. You will be surprised to know that the window is just not a part of beautiful architecture nor carved out for ventilation, it is made keeping in mind the females of the Royal family who would want to capture a sight of the events happening in the main hall. Such 'Jarokha' are pretty common in Rajasthani architecture.

It is great to see that the curved gate has been painted with vegetable dyes and still retains its originality. The typical traditional ornaments are embedded on the gate which is worth watching in the entire fort.
After it's the land of Kings. Everything is royal and elegant here.

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