James Prinsep and his memorial - Prinsep Ghat Kolkata

James Prinsep and his memorial - Prinsep Ghat Kolkata


James Prinsep was a versatile genius, who came to India in 1819, at the age of 20. He became the Assay master of the Calcutta Mint. He also founded the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal and deciphered the ancient Kharosthi and Brahmi scripts of India. In his short, yet illustrious life, he achieved several remarkable feats in art, science, and numismatics. On his demise at the age of 40, the citizens raised a public fund of Rs. 12,000 to construct this monument in 1841. Since then this has been an important landing place for dignitaries who visited Calcutta. As you enter Prinsep Ghat, you are welcomed by a grand monument with the 2nd Howrah Bridge in the background. If you visit after sunset, both the monument and bridge are lit up beautifully and are a treat to watch sitting by the garden.

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